Football Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are some great football and NFL jigsaw puzzles!

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Football Rubber Stamps
Football Cross Stitch

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  1. Greetings Jigsaw Puzzles,
    I am writing regarding a puzzle that you had on your website. It was a sports puzzle of the Los Angeles Rams Football team. I can’t tell you how rare these puzzles are and the lengths I have gone through trying to find info on them. I own ten (10) others in this set
    New York Giants
    New York Jets
    Buffalo Bills
    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Atlanta Falcons
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Minnesota Vikings
    New Orleans Saints
    New England Patriots
    These puzzles were put out by Springbok in 1971 and distributed by Hallmark. I contacted Springbok and they didn’t even have information on them due to the fact that there company had been bought by a company called Allied Products, Inc and no archive information was included in the sale. Hallmark didn’t have information on them, one because they were so old, and two they only distributed them not produce them.
    It was rare to find any Football items from 1970 until about maybe mid 80′s early 90′s that dipicted the teams logo on them. That was because the N.F.L. charged so much in licsening fees that it wasn’t worth it for many companies. Even sports card companies like Topps didn’t pay them, that’s why you never see helmets on there cards. And if you did they either where blacked out or colored in. You would have had to sell a ton of merchandise to make up for what you lost in licsening fees. That is what makes these puzzles so rare.
    If you ever come about any more of these please do not hesitate to use my e-mail address and contact me as I would love to add another to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity to obtain another one of these classic and rare puzzles. Happy Holidays…..

    Scott B. Kelly

    Comment by Scott B. Kelly — December 23, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

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